* Note: To install the system choose the CPU or GPU install files depend on the requested version.

System Requirements:

Operating System Ubuntu 18.04.3 Server (64-bit)

Availability of  nVidia 1070ti or 1080ti or 2080ti video card (only for GPU version)

Configured MySQL server (Before installing Incoresoft-middleware, you must have a MySQL server configured.

 Detailed information for the correct installation of the MySQL server can be found at:

When installing the system modules must have a stable Internet connection.

Before working with archives, be sure to run the sudo -i command to increase access rights.

For installation you will need 4 archives:


and 1 file from the analytics:   















All archives are located on the distributor’s portal on the “Installation files” page or use the link with the installation files provided by the company manager.

You need to unpack each file separately.

Select the files you need and unpack:

tar -xzf incoresoft-middleware-core.tgz       

tar -xzf incoresoft-process-runner-cpu.tgz

tar -xzf incoresoft-middleware.tgz              

tar -xzf incoresoft-alpr-analytics-cpu.tgz

tar -xzf incoresoft-people-accumulation-analytics-cpu.tgz

tar -xzf incoresoft-face-analytics-cpu.tgz

tar -xzf incoresoft-smoke-fire-analytics-cpu.tgz

tar -xzf incoresoft-alpr-gates-analytics-cpu.tgz

tar -xzf incoresoft-gender-age-analytics-cpu.tgz

tar -xzf incoresoft-hardhat-analytics-cpu.tgz

tar -xzf incoresoft-heatmap-analytics-cpu.tgz

tar -xzf incoresoft-motion-detection-analytics-cpu.tgz

tar -xzf incoresoft-object-in-zone-analytics-cpu.tgz

tar -xzf incoresoft-people-queue-analytics-cpu.tgz

tar -xzf incoresoft-person-reid-analytics-cpu.tgz

tar -xzf incoresoft-smoking-analytics-analytics-cpu.tgz

tar -xzf incoresoft-traffic-analytics-cpu.tgz

Run commands step by step:



After installing the Incoresoft-middleware module, open in the browser url http://ip:2001/, where ip is the ip address of the server on which you install the Incoresoft-middleware module. 

Together with the Incoresoft-middleware-core module, the NATS service is installed, which is necessary for the full operation of all modules of the "VEZHA" system.

At the first start, specify the administrative data of your Internal DB server, a new Internal DB user will be created and the database of the VEZHA system will be deployed.

If the Internal DB server is installed on the same server where the VEZHA system is installed, then specify the localhost host of the Internal DB server. To test the connection, click the "Test Connection" button.

If the connection to Internal DB servers is successful, the “Connections” check box will turn green.

When the connection type is chosen click “Connection-Test” button.

If the buttons become green, that connection and database were created.

Specify the host of the NATS service, localhost or ip server where the Incoresoft-middleware module is installed and click the "Connection Test" button.

We save the settings and restart the Incoresoft-middleware service by clicking the "Save and restart" button.

The initial setup of the Incoresoft-middleware module is complete.

Reload the page  http://localhost:2001

Basic user data of the Vezha system:

Login: incoresoft

Password: incoresoft


In the "Server ID in cluster" installation dialog, specify the serial number of the Incoresoft analytics server, for example, 1.

In the installation dialog "The NATS server's host name or IP address" specify the host of the NATS service, localhost or ip server where the Incoresoft-middleware-core module is installed.















After installing the module ./install-incoresoft-process-runner and for example install-incoresoft-alpr-analytics-cpu, you must definitely restart the server. This is necessary for the correct operation of the nVidia graphics card drivers.

Rebooting is only needed if install-incoresoft-process-runner is installed for the first time. If you install install-incoresoft-process-runner, reboot and install analytic modules after that. In this case, you no longer need to reboot.

The first installation of the system is performed in English, go to the Users tab to change the user language.