Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide

Version Q2-2021

Technical Requirements

Before installing the VEZHA Analytics System, we recommend you carefully read the Technical Requirements.

System Installation

 Install VEZHA Analytics System on your computer.

System Setup

After the system is installed, it needs to be configured

For this purpose, go to the Settings section on the left side of the website.

Plugin Marketplace

First of all, go to the Plugin marketplace section and install the necessary plugins which you are going to use. Read more

To install the required plugin, click on the INSTALL button.

License Activation

In the trial license, you have the access to one camera in each module by default. In order to expand your capabilities, you need to activate the license. Read more

For this purpose, go to the License section and click on the ACTIVATE NEW LICENSE button.

Google API Key (optionally)

If you want to use Google Maps you have to add a Google API Key. Read more

For this purpose go to the General section, paste the previously obtained API Key into the Google Maps API Key field and click on the SAVE button. 

Video Stream

Next, it is necessary to add a Video stream (camera). Read more

For this purpose go to the Video streams section, click on the ADD button and choose a VIDEO STREAM to add a single stream, or GROUP to add several streams.


Check the server status before running Analytics. Read more.

For this purpose go to the Servers section.


Finally, go to the plugins you have installed earlier. Each plugin has its own Analytics subsection.

In order to add Analytics, open the section with the plugin you are interested in and select the Analytics subsection. Then click on the ADD ANALYTICS button.

Set up new Analytics and click on the SAVE button.

Analytics are added and configured separately for each plugin.

 After the new Analytics is created, it is necessary to run it.

For this purpose, click on the Start button to the right of the created Analytics.

If you still have any questions about the VEZHA Analytics System installation, configuration, or Analytics running, please contact our managers for advice. We are always glad to help you!