Use this guide to understand the interface and features of the Analytics System Settings and learn how to customize them.

Main Items

The Settings section includes:

  • General Settings item to set general system parameters
  • License item to manage licenses and get up-to-date information about them
  • Updates item to view and update the Middleware version
  • Clients item to manage clients and differentiate access to the system between different client structures
  • Users item to view and manage system users
  • Roles item to view and manage user access rights
  • Sound item to manage sound alerts for installed plugins
  • Plugin Marketplace item to view and manage plugins
  • Video Streams item to view and manage video streams
  • Servers item to view the data of server load and analytics activity
  • Logs item to view all user actions in the system
  • Events item to customize internal notifications and manage events for further sending to the third-party services or API