Windows: 1 PC System Installation

Follow this step-by-step guide to install the system components on a single server running Windows.


  • If you have an NVIDIA graphics card, ensure that the installed driver version is 471.41 or higher.
  • Install and configure MySQL/PostgreSQL/MSSQL before proceeding with the analytics system installation to establish a connection to the server. For instructions on installing MySQL DB Management System, refer to the MySQL Installation Guide.
  • The analytics system operates similarly for both CPU and GPU.
  • An internet connection is not necessary for the software installation.
  • Please ensure that you possess administrator privileges to make system changes.

To initiate the system installation, navigate to the Installation Files section in the Partners Portal, select the Windows Server Analytics block, choose the desired version (CPU or GPU), and download the corresponding installation files archive.

Once the download is complete, navigate to the directory where the archive is located, extract its contents, and access the folder containing the installation files:

Download and install the GPU files if the server has GPU hardware, as the Analytics System requires it for proper functionality. Otherwise, refrain from installing the GPU files.

System Installation

Execute the incoresoft-install-gpu-x64.exe file by double-clicking it:

Select the desired language and click the Ok button:

Review the setup information and click the Next button to proceed:

Click the Browse button to select a folder for installation, and then proceed by clicking the Next button:

Choose Full Installation from the drop-down menu to install all system elements, and proceed by clicking the Next button. For customizing the component selection:

  • Uncheck any undesired analytics components from the list to save disk space
  • Manually select the region corresponding to the current server location for the LPR analytics, if it needs to be installed

Keep the default value in the Server ID in Cluster field and proceed by clicking the Next button:

Wait until the installation process is complete:

Click the Finish button to close the setup window:

The system installation is now complete.

Server Launch

To access the server, open the following URL:

Within the Database block, perform the following steps:

  • Choose the appropriate DB type from the drop-down list:
    • Internal DB for small projects with up to 20 analytics and low server load
    • MySQL/PostgreSQL/MSSQL for larger projects with over 20 analytics
  • Fill in the necessary fields for the DB connection (applicable only for MySQL/PostgreSQL/MSSQL type):
    • In the Host field, specify the IP address of the server with the preinstalled and configured DB
    • In the Login field, enter the login credentials for accessing the DB
    • In the Password field, provide the password associated with the DB login
  • Click the Connection Test button to verify the DB connection. A successful connection will be indicated by a green Connection toggle. For the Internal DB type, this step will also create the database, which will be indicated by a green Database toggle

  • If there are plans to expand the system to a server cluster in the future, selecting MySQL is preferable.
  • The Root Login and Password are used only once during the initial setup to create a limited internal user for working with MySQL.

Proceed to the next step without configuring the NATS block. Click the Save and Reload button to save the current settings and restart the service:

Wait while the system checks for installed plugins:

Once the webpage reloads, use the default user login and password to access the system:

  • Login: admin
  • Password: admin