Red Light Violation: Events

This page comprises the Events item overview and functionality description. The item displays the event notifications including vehicle and camera data, date and time, and frame with a vehicle.


To open the Events item, in the left menu:

  1. Select the Red Light Violation section
  2. Choose the Events item
  3. See event notifications

Use and Functionality

The Events functional menu allows to:

  • Enter the license plate number
  • Select the required time frame
  • Select the required color
  • Select the required make and model
  • Select the country of registration
  • Click the Search button to start filtering
  • Click the Reset button to clear the filters
  • Move between List and Grid view modes by clicking the corresponding toggle

Once selected and filtered, in the event notifications:

  • View recognized vehicle data, date and time the license plate number has been recognized by the selected analytics
  • View recognized vehicle attributes:
    • Country of registration
    • Color of the vehicle
    • Direction of movement
    • Vehicle type:
      • Car
      • Motorbike
      • Bus
      • Truck
      • Van
      • Pickup
      • SUV
  • View the camera location on the map by clicking the corresponding icon in the Camera column
  • Click the row in the table with the desired license plate number to see the frame with a vehicle preview
  • Select the enlargement icon in the upper-right corner of the frame preview to view the additional information. In the pop-up window:
    1. See the extended vehicle data
    2. Save the image in the full-size
The same options are available in the grid view mode.