Smart Parking

Smart Parking - Parking Management Module

What the Smart Parking module can do:

  • Linking the vehicle to the structure of the company, which allows each vehicle to be assigned parking space in a predetermined zone
  • Immediate receipt of notifications when a certain vehicle from the list appears, the car stays in the parking lot for too long, the car is not registered
  • Custom tags for the vehicle. Setting your own tags for different vehicle numbers (manager, staff, visitor, etc.)
  • Flexible system of time intervals for vehicle stay in the parking area
  • Integration with LPR
  • Viewing visual diagrams of the vehicle's stay in the parking area
  • Flexible access rights for user groups to the application functionality (viewing, editing, deleting information)
  • Search by full or partial state number. Conducting a complex search (for example, a blue SUV in the North section with 5555 in the number for the last 5 days)