Speed Control: Report

This page describes the Report tab that allows viewing average speed statistics from the selected rule.


Select the Report tab in the tabs menu:

Use and Functionality

The Report tab functional menu comprises:

  1. Filters to:
    • Enter the required year and week
    • Select multiple rules from the drop-down list
    • Click the Report button to start filtering
    • Click the Reset button to clear the filters
  2. Tabs to display statistics in:
    • Time Interval Report
    • General Report
  3. Export option to download the speed report in the CSV format
  • The Time Frame filter is enabled only for the General Report tab.
  • The Export option is available only for the Time Interval Report tab.

Time Interval Report Tab

The Time Interval Report shows:

  • Table chart with the number of vehicles and average speed by 15 minutes time intervals and days of a week
  • Table with columns by 15 minutes time intervals and rows by days of the week, number of vehicles, and average speed

General Report Tab

The General Report allows to:

  • Select the Line Type parameter from a drop-down list that the curve displays on the graph:
    • Average speed (km/h)
    • Average speed (mi/h)
    • Cars quantity
  • Select the desired time intervals from a Group By drop-down list to set the intervals between the graph breakpoints
  • Hover the mouse over the desired breakpoint on the graph to view the specific statistics data