Hard Hat Detection: Events

This page comprises the Events item overview and functionality description. The item displays the event notifications including a frame, camera, date, time, and detected people without a protective hard hat.


To open the Events item, in the left menu:

  1. Select the Hard Hat Detection section
  2. Choose the Events item
  3. See event notifications

Use and Functionality

The Events functional menu allows to:

  • Select the required events time frame
  • Click the Camera parameter to select the desired video analytics. In the pop-up window:
    1. Check the boxes next to the required video analytics and folders
    2. Click the Select Video Analytics button
  • Click the Reset button to clear the filters
  • Select the Auto Update toggle to enable or disable auto update of the event notifications

Once selected and filtered, in the events:

  1. View the frame preview and information about the event. To filter events by the recognized data, in the required event block:
    • Click the camera name to filter events only by the camera related to the event
    • Click the date to filter events only by the date related to the event
  2. View the camera location on the map by clicking the View Geolocation icon
  3. Hover the mouse over the event block and select the Extra Options icon. In the drop-down menu:
    • Click the Edit Analytics button to make changes to the settings of the analytics which is related to the selected event
    • Click the Save Image button to download the event frame in full size
Click the frame preview to open the image and see the event information.