ALPR - Vehicle License Plates Recognition Module

What the VEZHA system module can do:

  • License plates recognition rate is 99% of all in the frame
  • Supported traffic speed during recognition is up to 250 km/h, there is an analysis of individual vehicles trajectory
  • Determination of vehicle brands, models, and colors with accuracy 95%
  • Recognition of plates issued in Ukraine, EU and CIS countries (more than 70 countries)
  • There is support for the definition of one- and two-line, regular, reverse, and special types of license plates
  • Videos with the required vehicle viewing thanks to integration with Milestone XProtect
  • Notifications sending to operators about vehicles location in real-time
  • Ability to receive notifications about events in Telegram, by SMS or email
  • Restricted access to notifications for a pre-defined group of users
  • Unified database on registered vehicles
  • Ability to get a report for an hour, day, week, or month
  • Support for import (CSV) and export of vehicle databases (EXCEL, PDF, CSV, JSON)