Forensic Analytics: Status Report

This page describes the Status Report item that allows monitoring the status of video processing in cases.


To open the Status Report item, in the left menu:

  1. Select the Forensic Analytics section
  2. Choose the Status Report item
  3. See video processing statuses in cases

Use and Functionality

The Status Report functional menu allows to:

  • Enter case name or characters in the name to filter by case name
  • Enter source name or characters in the name to filter by source name
  • Select the required video source processing status from the drop-down list:
    • All
    • Not Processed
    • Processing
    • Processed
    • Partially Processed
    • Preparing for Start

Once selected and filtered, see the video processing status report in the table below. It contains:

  • Name of the case that contains the source
  • Name of the source that contains the video
  • Video file name
  • Name of the user that added the video
  • Exact date and time the video was added
  • Status of video processing
  • Time of video recording
  • View icon on the toolbox to open the required case