Google Maps API Key

To get Google Maps API Key you need to have a Google account.

Go to the platform using the link: and click on the Get Started button.

Next, if you do not have a Google billing account, the following window will appear:

After pressing CREATE BILLING ACCOUNT, the following window appears:

Agree to the terms and press CONTINUE.

Next, fill in all the required fields.


The welcome window appears. Close it by clicking GOT IT.

Select the Maps section and press the ENABLE button.


Fill in the fields What is your primary goalWhich of the following industriesHere are the most popular use case… and click NEXT.

A new window appears with your API Key.

Press DONE and go to the control console.

For our purposes, the following APIs are required:

  • Maps JavaScript API
  • Street View Static API
  • Roads API

In our case, by default are enabled: Maps JavaScript API, Street View Static API.

In order to activate the Roads API in the Additional APIs list, click on the Roads API. The following window appears:

Press the button ENABLE.

Roads API has been added.

Now all the APIs we need for work are enabled.

Now go to the VEZHA System in the Settings to General section and paste the previously obtained API Key into the Google Maps API Key field.

Click Save.