Crowd Detection


Use this guide to understand the interface and features of the Crowd Detection plugin and learn how to utilize it for the best result.

What Is Crowd Detection?

Crowd Detection estimates the number of people within a given area in real time and triggers an alarm when a specified number of people (capacity) or a specified percentage of people (occupancy) is reached. The plugin is ideal for public surveillance applications where the volume of people needs to be monitored for public safety or quality of service. Individuals are considered part of a crowd if the distance between them is not greater than 3 meters. This distance threshold helps identify and assess situations where people are closely grouped together, assisting in crowd management and ensuring adherence to social distancing guidelines when required.

Primary Capabilities

Crowd Detection is capable to:

  • Determine people congestion and crowd on the streets, indoors, in public locations, or in commercial premises
  • Determine queues in stores, restaurants, banks, and public institutions