Smoking Detection

Product Specification

Version Q3-2021

Product Description

Incoresoft VEZHA - Analytics of cigarette detection using neural networks.  It is suitable for detecting smokers in prohibited areas.

Smoking Detection Features

  • Detection of violations in places where smoking is prohibited
  • Identifying people with vapes and cigarettes.

Сamera Compatibility

The solution is compatible with all cameras, that return the RTSP stream.

A common choice for effective smoking detection: AXIS P1455-LE.

Camera Installation Requirements

  • Static and reliable camera mount
  • Top view/perspective top view
  • Exclusion of refocusing and image sharpness changes
  • Camera angle relative to vertical - 40° minimal
  • There should be no overexposures and glare in the frame
  • The objects to be detected are not obscured by other objects
  • The objects to be detected significantly differ in color from the background

Requirements for a Video Stream

Camera support

All models, RTSP stream

Codecs and Tools

Codecs -H.264 / MJPEG


Open tools for integration and development




Video formats support: AVI, .MKV, .MPEG4, .MOV, .WMV, .DVR, .ASF, .RT4, .DIVX, .264, .GE5, .TS, .3GP, .XBA (single & multi-stream), .MP4, .FLV+

Technical Specifications

Cross-platform solution (Windows, Linux)


Centralized management


Ability to work with different versions of video sources


Ability to process statistics and generate reports

Microsoft Power BI and others

Search (filterable) data


Filter reports by time and date


Determining the appearance of fire


Smoke detection


Recording the fact of fire


Setting rules for analytics


The ability to receive reports by the hour, day, week, or month


Minimum Software Requirements

Operating System - Ubuntu 18.04 or Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008 R2

Databases - MySQL 5.5 and newer, PostgreSQL 9.3 and newer, Oracle Express Edition 10g and newer, SQL Server Express Edition 2008 and newer

Minimum Hardware Requirements


 Intel Core i5-8250U @ 1.60GHz and with higher performance



HDD4 GB / day
Bandwidth5 Mb/s per 1 video analytic or higher* (

for example, if the network connection is 100 Mb/s, not more than 20 analytics may work

properly at the same time (5 Mb/s * 20 = 100 Mb/s)

Response time(local network)200 ms or faster

Security Features

Restricting access to a specific group of consumers through access rights


The presence of a system of building business logic


Encryption of information with dynamic keys, which change with each launch of the module


Support of NVIDIA CUDA technology


Integration with various VMS - Milestone XProtect, Nx Meta, Luxriot Evo


Plugins availability - Milestone XProtect, Nx Meta


Personal data protection


Support for different interface languages


Interface languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian, Arabic


Generation of statistics based on analyzed data


Combination with analyzed data from third-party sources (ERP)


Alarms and Events

Alarm about the detected cigarette


Software Licenses





Incoresoft VEZHA Smoking Detection


Image Characteristics

  • The minimum size of recognizable face - 40x40 pixels on FullHD 
  • Image quality must be at least average
  • There should be no significant compression artifacts
  • Image resolution should be HD or FullHD format or higher with an aspect ratio equals 16:9